Boot Sketch

I’m thinking about getting a pair of these boots. I tried them on and they are hella comfy.




Bookshelf part 1

I’ve had this bookshelf for forever. When I moved it got a bunch of perfume all over it and it smelled awful. It was banished to the garage. Since it was in some much needed TLC, I decided that it was time to repaint it! I started taking the paint off today with my boyfriends sander.

Here it is with the first part of the paint taken off. I’ve never actually used a sander before, but I have to say that it was super easy and pretty enjoyable actually . I had to be careful though, because the wood the shelf is made out of is super soft and the sander will go right through it.


And here’s where I had to stop for the day. 20160508_173259


The sandpaper broke right off the sander. Whoops. I’ve been informed it happens all the time and is nothing to worry about. Whew! I’ve been on a breaking things spree and that was one less thing to worry about.20160508_173318

I’m definitely excited to start working on it again. Maybe after work when I need to let off some aggression after having to deal with co-workers and clients….